EcoFlight currently has three FAA Certified Flight Instructors sharing the following characteristics:

- A minimum of 5000 hours of flight experience: Unlike some US flight schools employing young but inexperienced instructors eager to «build time» towards becoming an airline pilot at the student’s expense and detriment, EcoFlight employs seasoned and dedicated instructors with a passion for teaching.

- An emphasis on the safety of operations: Inspired by the operational requirements and procedures of commercial air operators, EcoFlight Training, a subsidiary of a certified maintenance operation, ranks airworthiness and respect for procedures as its prime concerns.

- Scheduling flexibility: To reach your objectives quicker, we strive to match your timetable and priorities.

- Special areas of interest: Each of our instructors brings an extra focus of experience in specific flight domains i.e.:

--> Aerobatics and mountain flying 

--> Multi-engine and jet operations 

--> Environmental / ecological moderation 

--> Long-range single-engine IFR travel

Additional Human Resources Training maintains relationships with several aviation professionals who contribute a wealth of real-world experience and professional knowledge that go beyond the shere requirements for obtaining a licence or rating:

• Retired swiss meteorologist: Learn about icing formation, weather hazards and wx planning from a retired meteorologist who also happens to be a mountain pilot and hiker

• Swiss Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) trainee: an emphasis on the safety of operations: Discover what happens on the other side of the radar screen when dealing with non-commercial, often light, IFR and VFR traffic straight from a Air Traffic control traineee who has worked for two years at Skyguide, the Swiss Air Navigation Service Providers

• Two US partner schools: On a regular basis, EcoFlight Training coordinates a student's training and check-ride with Kansas Aviation, a correspondent flight school located in Wichita, Kansas a well of aviation innovation and home town for Cessna Aircraft, Hawker Beechcraft and dozens of smaller manufacturers of aviation products. 


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